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Bajaj Discover 100M Vs Mahindra Centuro Bikes Comparison Article

Are you going to purchase 100 cc segment bikes? Then you are at right place because here we are going discuss two 100cc bikes. As per Bajaj Discover 100M is new released and TV advertisement available on Channels. Mahindra Centuro has been released in the month of July 2013 and it older than Bajaj Discover 100M. But this time these two bikes are ruling on bikes market, reason and comparison available in table form below.

bajaj and mahindra compare

Mahindra Centuro Vs Bajaj Discover 100M

These bikes are 100cc to 110cc bikes segment and too close to technical and mileage aspect. Bajaj Discover 100M launched in this year October month and highly recommended by Bajaj who wants power with mileage. These latest edition bikes are good choice for users. One thing user like about Mahindra Centuro is its sporty look with lots of variant color. Yellow-silver or golden twin mould pipes structure below the fuel tank looks aggressive while 100M have great fitter and angular like bikini fairing headlight as 100t.

The Discover 100M comes with weight 114 kg while Centuro comes with 120 kg means Bajaj Discover 100m is lighter than Mahindra Centuro. The fuel tank capacity of 100m is 9.5 liters in comparison to Centuro it is less than 3.2 liters because Centuro fuel tank capacity is 12.7 liters. There are lots of other features available in these two bikes.

Full technical Difference between Bajaj Discover and Mahindra Centro

SN Go-Tech-Top Specification Bajaj Discover 100M Mahindra Centuro
1 Engine 102cc 106.7cc
2 Engine Type DTSi-Engine MCi-5 Engine
3 Power 9.3bhp at 8k RPM 8.5bhp at 7.5k RPM
4 Mileage 95kmpl 90kmpl
5 Weight 114kg 120kg
6 Length x Width x Height 1986mm x 678mm x 1044mm 2031mm x 720mm x 1111mm
7 Fuel Tank size 9.5 liters 12.7 liters
8 Ground Clearance 165mm 173mm
9 Fuel Meter Analogue Digital
10 Prince Rs. 46000/- to Rs. 49000/- Rs. 45000/-
11 Reference Links
(dealer locator)
bajajauto.com mahindracenturo.com

Common in both bikes

Theses bike comes under 100cc to 110cc segment that means there are lots of similarity. For example allow wheels available in both bikes, both have no tubeless tires, battery available maintenance free, Gear 4 strokes, these are common feature in both bikes.

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  1. Centuro is the best bike in the market. Cheap and pocket friendly mileage.